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Refund and Returns Policy

Caare Telemedicine Foundation (“CAARE”, “we”, “us” or “our”) is a pioneering, technology-powered integrated healthcare aggregator service provider with a unique model enabling delivery of the complete spectrum of healthcare services utilizing its Website and/or the Application (“CAARE”). The various health and wellness services offered through CAARE.

This Payment and Refund Policy (“PRP”) is in continuation and part of the Terms of Use placed in the CAARE and your use of the Platform shall bind you to this PRP along with the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and such other policies as placed in the CAARE.

  1. You, being a user of CAARE (“You”, your”) acknowledge that upon your request for the Services from CAARE, CAARE shall call or contact you through the personal contact information you have provided and negotiate with you in relation to the fees and other commercial terms in lieu of the services that you have opted for.
  2. You agree that you shall be liable to pay an advance fee to CAARE that CAARE informs you and the remaining portion of the fee shall be paid directly to the Third Party Service Provider. You acknowledge that the liability of CAARE in whatsoever manner, shall be limited to the advance payment made by you to CAARE and you shall have right to get refunds as mentioned hereinbelow.
  3. You may please find the various scenarios for cancellation and refund hereinbelow:
  4.  You acknowledge that any or all refund under this PRP from CAARE shall be credited to your CAARE wallet. The remaining refund shall be purely between you and the third party service provider and upon your mutual discussion with the respective third party service provider, without holding CAARE liable in whatsoever manner may it be.
  5. In the event of any conflict in relation to refund and cancellation, between this PRP and others terms and Policies, this PRP shall prevail.
  6. Other terms and conditions placed under other Policies placed in the CAARE TM shall remain in force along with this PRP.
  7. For any capitalized term, not defined herein, shall be referred to other Policies.
  8. For any queries or grievances, you may reach us at: Finance department, CAARE – contact@caarefoundation.org