CAARE Experience

CAARE provides personalized on-demand care, no matter where you are. We will send a trained nurse to you after you have scheduled a visit. The Nurse will assist you in assessing your requirements, providing treatment, and arranging a video appointment with a doctor. Doctors will treat you the same way you would be treated in a typical hospital setting. They may answer any questions you have, discuss any test findings you may have received during your appointment, and fill a prescription if necessary.

The CAARE App, which is available for Android and iOS, may be used to schedule a visit. For a variety of symptoms and medical requirements, we provide same- and next-day visits.

CAARE will send a certified nurse to your location, wherever you are. So you can sit back and relax as we attend to your needs. When our Nurses are on their way, they’ll let you know so you know when to expect them.

The Nurses will take your vitals, discuss the reason for your appointment, and connect you with one of our Doctors for a video consultation.

Nurses: These are local healthcare workers who have earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing from a reputable university. These are the local Nurses you will meet during your visit and who will be at your side throughout the procedure. Our nurses will take your vitals, assist with test administration, and provide in-person care. CAARE teams have the technology necessary to connect you with a doctor through video chat.

Doctors: Our committed team of doctors includes specialists in fields such as neurology, oncology, cardiology, and urology, among others. The Nurse will use a Smart Phone to connect you remotely with a Doctor who has been assigned to you specifically. CAARE Doctors offer a comprehensive variety of medical services, including the diagnosis and treatment of urgent, chronic, and complicated health problems, as well as health promotion and disease prevention.

CAARE functions similarly to a regular hospital, except that we come to you! Adults above the age of 18 are eligible for our services. CAARE is equipped to handle a variety of symptoms and diseases, including but not limited to:

Common Complaints

– Cough, Cold symptoms (swab for Flu, COVID, RSV)

– Sore throat (swab for Strep)

– Fever

– Seasonal allergies, hay fever

– Headaches / Migraines

– Dizziness

‍Nose, Ear, and Throat

– Nasal congestion

– Minor nosebleed

– Sinusitis

– Ear pain

– Eye infections such as pink eye

– Laryngitis

– Tonsillitis


– Heartburn / reflux

– Belly pain or cramps

– Nausea, Vomiting

– Diarrhea

– Constipation


– Asthma / Bronchitis

– COPD exacerbation

– Croup

– Respiratory infections, including COVID-19


– Sports injuries

– Back pain

– Neck pain

– Tendonitis

– Joint sprain/pain/swelling

– Gout

Skin Issues

– Skin infection/redness (Cellulitis)

– Poison ivy/oak

– Rash

– Shingles

– Hives

– Fungal skin infection

– Herpes

– Cuts and scrapes

– Animal/insect bites

Chronic Condition Management:

– Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

– Diabetes, elevated sugars

– COPD / Emphysema

Home-based Testing

– In-home COVID antigen testing (15 min result)

– Diabetes: A1c and Glucose testing

– Urinalysis

– Pregnancy

Women’s Health


– Menstrual symptoms

– Pelvic pain

– Yeast infections

If you have additional medical requirements, you can ask your doctor if CAARE can help you at your CAARE visit. CAARE can either offer the necessary care or refer you to someone who can.

When medically necessary, CAARE can refill medications.


A CAARE visit is about the same price as a walk-in hospital appointment. Your doctor’s appointment will depend on the amount you will be paying for.

Pay securely online or opt for a cash on visit payment method.

We do not take insurance at this time, however we will in the near future.

Scheduling and wait times

When you schedule a visit with CAARE, you will be given a time window. The time slot refers to the 20-minute interval during which your Nurse is scheduled to arrive to start the visit. Please keep in mind that this does not guarantee that your visit will be finished by the end of the time frame.

Unforeseen situations might sometimes cause your visit to be delayed. A prior visit may have taken too long, your Nurse may have been delayed due to traffic, and so on. If you provided your mobile number when you scheduled your appointment, we will call you when your Nurse arrives. If you need to postpone, cancel, or check the progress of your visit, please call us at +91 8897208298.

The most up-to-date availability will always be available on our online booking. We recommend that you visit our mobile App on a regular basis to see if a cancellation has occurred and a time slot that you like has become available.