Can CAARE refill my prescriptions?

When medically necessary, CAARE can refill medications.

‍What if I don’t see my medical need listed?

If you have additional medical requirements, you can ask your doctor if CAARE can help you at your CAARE visit. CAARE can either offer the necessary care or refer you to someone who can.

What symptoms or conditions can CAARE see me for?

CAARE functions similarly to a regular hospital, except that we come to you! Adults above the age of 18 are eligible for our services. CAARE is equipped to handle a variety of symptoms and diseases, including but not limited to:

Who are the providers who will treat me?

Nurses: These are local healthcare workers who have earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing from a reputable university. These are the local Nurses you will meet during your visit and who will be at your side throughout the procedure. Our

What happens during a CAARE visit?

The Nurses will take your vitals, discuss the reason for your appointment, and connect you with one of our Doctors for a video consultation.

What do I do after I book a CAARE visit?

CAARE will send a certified nurse to your location, wherever you are. So you can sit back and relax as we attend to your needs. When our Nurses are on their way, they’ll let you know so you know when

How do I book a CAARE visit?

The CAARE App, which is available for Android and iOS, may be used to schedule a visit. For a variety of symptoms and medical requirements, we provide same- and next-day visits.

How does CAARE work?

CAARE provides personalized on-demand care, no matter where you are. We will send a trained nurse to you after you have scheduled a visit. The Nurse will assist you in assessing your requirements, providing treatment, and arranging a video appointment with